The next generation of
non-stick cookware

Enter a new era of non-stick cookware excellence with The Masters Collection by Ausker

We’ve taken your feedback from our first successful Kickstarter campaign and created the most advanced cookware set that will take your home-cooking experience to a dramatic new level.

Designed to meet every home cook and gourmet enthusiast’s necessity, our die-cast aluminum non-stick cookware set features PEEK coating, the most groundbreaking non-stick technology that’s also remarkably scratch and wear resistant.

Made up of your favorite classic cookware pieces — 3 Pots, 2 Frying Pans and 1 Grill Pan — The Masters Collection not only looks like a premium product line, but it also cooks like one. The line offers universal compatibility (especially on induction stoves), removable and anti-slip silicone handles, thoughtful lids with built-in straining holes, and more. It’s also amazingly easy to clean and designed so that each piece fits inside one another – perfect for saving precious storage space.

The Masters Collection is now available!

PEEK Non-stick Technology

We’ve applied an incredibly performing (and expensive) non-stick coating to cookware, while keeping honest prices. In fact, we’re one of the only companies to offer cookware with PEEK coating.

This industrial-grade finish is over 10x more wear and scratch resistant than typical three-layer PTFE coating, and it’s over 35 times more scratch resistant than ceramic. Plus, PEEK is the easiest coating to clean, and it has been tested and approved by the FDA and LFGB, so it’s safe to use.

Die-cast Aluminum Make

Our dynamically thin, yet strong, cookware is formed from die-cast aluminum, which has proven itself as the most conductive material per pound on Earth! This resistant, hyper conductive aluminum alloy building material is high quality, long lasting and corrosion resistant.

Due to its durability, the set can also be used in the oven as baking dishes by simply removing the handles — no damage done.

Stainless Steel Bottom

Incorporating this material into our cookware makes the products extremely sturdy and long lasting. Stainless steel also helps increase heat transfer ability, which reduces the energy required to transfer heat. This guarantees resistance to shock and warping amidst temperature shifts. In turn, the overall cooking time is reduced. This means less time in the kitchen, and more time to enjoy the things and the people you love.

Space-saving Design

A disorganized saucepan drawer is every cook’s nightmare.

That’s why we created our cookware with space-saving designs. When you’re ready to put your pots and pans away after feasting on that delicious meal, each pot and pan perfectly fits inside each other to minimize wasted storage space in your cabinets.

Universal Compatibility

Ausker products are designed with intense attention to detail. In other words, we’ve thought of everything.

When you’re ready to cook, our pots and pans can be used on all induction stoves due to a 100% stainless steel bottom. The lids are also compatible, meaning you can use the lids on both the pots AND skillets!

Innovative Lids

Perfect for those at any level of cooking expertise, our lids feature anti-slip thumb pads on the silicone rim, a spoon holder on the silicone knob, and fast and slow strainers built right in the lining.

Detachable Handles

Cleaning up after cooking is effortless with The Masters Collection. Our pans feature spring-free detachable handles, which make them much easier to wash, ensuring a long lifespan. These aerodynamic handles also offer full coverage from removable silicone sleeves, providing maximum comfort.