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Say “goodnight” to your old, dirty pillow.

One-third of our day is spent breathing from our pillows, which is a breeding ground for pathogens, even though they may not be visible. By fusing our fibers with copper, the Solace Copper Pillow combats and restricts the growth and spread of harmful pathogens, microbes and bacteria — all while keeping you cool and comfortable.


Solace Copper Shield Technology

Copper is known to eliminate 99% of bacteria. Its natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties are permanently ingrained in our fabrics, which shields the Solace Copper Pillow and protects against, and eliminates, harmful bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

The copper particles also eliminate odor-causing bacteria found on skin, helping prevent acne breakouts and supporting the skin’s natural self-renewal process.

Solace Copper Cooling Pillowcase

We’ve successfully fused our copper fabric with lightweight cooling nylon, producing the first and only copper cooling pillowcase to allow cool air to circulate and wick away moisture to keep you cool and comfortable, all while providing a clean place to rest your head.

You can also use the Solace Copper Cooling Pillowcase to transform an ordinary pillow into a bacteria fighting Solace Copper Pillow.

Two-Sided Memory Foam

Our Two-Sided Memory Foam Pillow is equipped with cooling gel on both sides to keep you cool all night long. 

Solace Copper Pillows also feature a firm and soft side so you can choose how you want the pillow to feel. It’s soft, breathable and cool to ensure you’re comfortable sleeping – all night long.

Air Cell Technology

Solace Copper Pillow utilizes ventilation holes in three different sizes to allow the pillow to keep its shape and structure.

The air cell technology dissipates heat and increases the air flow through the pillow, making it extremely breathable to keep you cool and comfortable all night.

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