The re-WOOL-ution of the wardrobe basics



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SHEER’s new line of merino wool basics for men is produced with uncompromising quality and designed to last forever.

We’ve translated the performance, quality and sustainability of the world’s most functional fiber — merino wool — into the most timeless, everyday uniform. Our sophisticated Oxford shirt, modern t-shirt crewneck and durable boxer briefs are odor-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, and stain-resistant, while remaining totally breathable.

Through uncompromising quality, ecological craftsmanship and transparent business practices, these essential garments are built for a healthy planet and a happy life. It’s time to dress better.

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Say hello to SHEER’s line of merino wool basics!

Sophisticated Oxford Wool Shirt

Our advanced Oxford wool shirt will have you feeling like you’re in your pajamas, even at work or whilst traveling. Its french cuffs, coupled with its slightly tailored sleek design, make it perfectly suitable for every person and any occasion.

Available in both white and navy, this classic shirt will match your personal style and give you the confidence you need to be your best self. Did we mention we offer extended sizing, too?

Modern T-Shirt Crewneck

Our crewneck provides a different take on your typical t-shirt. Its dedicated rib neckline leads to a collar that never looks wrinkled or messy. It also has tailored, mid-length sleeves, which will keep you looking fresh and feeling cool. Not to mention, its versatile design allows you to rock it with jeans, sweatpants or shorts.

Available in white, black and navy, this layering item (or standalone piece) is the staple item your closet needs. Our crewneck is also offered in extended sizing to better fit all of our customers.

Durable Boxer Briefs

Our high-grade boxer briefs knock your current pairs out of the park. Its elastic waistband and flat inside seams provide for extra comfort and ventilation. Its double-lined cup and inner legs also provide an exceptional fit that will cover and protect your important areas.

Available in both black and navy, these briefs look good and feel good.





Premium Merino Wool Fabrics

We’ve partnered with the best German craftsmen to create exclusively developed fabrics from ultra-fine merino wool (16.5-17.2 micron). Our cloth is made in factories with centuries of experience.

The unsurpassed benefits of merino wool make our garments naturally odor-resistant, wrinkle-resistant and create a perfect body climate, making them fit for anything life throws your way. Not to mention, they are color-proof, moisture-wicking and produce a beautiful drape and natural shine. They even get softer after each wear!

Convenient Extended Sizing Options

Our line of merino wool basics is designed with unmatched obsession to detail, right down to sizing.

Size should never be an issue when purchasing your essentials. That’s why we offer a long version of any size in both the Oxford shirt and crewneck. You now have ten size options, instead of the traditional five (S-XXL).

Fully Transparent Supply Chain

We believe you should know the real price of garments and the cost to produce it. That’s why we offer true transparency and tell the story of each garment. In turn, we can all understand the effects of our choices and make better ones.

Our yarn is spun in the Italian wool mecca, Biella. Our fabrics are made in Germany and the garments are then sewed in Portugal. All the factories are family run and certified by several standards, in which they use regenerative energies and low-impact technologies to produce SHEER products.


Sustainable Practices

Our sustainable practices not only help reduce our ecological footprint, but also develop solutions to the environmental crisis. Using sustainable raw materials, we can ensure the best treatment of animals and the land they live on. We also recollect worn-out pieces to recycle and reuse, and take pride in mending materials if they are broken or damaged.

Together with our partners, we’re able to develop better production methods that reduce our impact on the planet with each new production. Not to mention, our packaging is completely free of plastic!

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