Your houseplants. Automatically watered.


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Give your indoor plants the hydration they deserve

Riego is a decorative indoor irrigation system that automatically waters and maintains your houseplants while communicating conditions via mobile app.

The intelligent water reservoir and submersible electric pump will automatically irrigate a number of indoor plants, saving you time and energy while keeping your plants hydrated, your floors mess-free, and your home tranquil.

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Automatically, and effectively, water your houseplants

The drip irrigation system waters and maintains your houseplants, accurately and automatically.

With an intelligent water reservoir, a submersible electric water pump that connects to a system of emitters, a physical plant sensor, and a coordinating mobile app, Riego provides accurate monitoring and reporting to keep you in the know and your plants healthy.

Store plenty of water with monthly refill

Riego features a decorative, minimalistic, 2.5 gallon water reservoir. Depending on the number of plants you’re watering, Riego only needs to be refilled every 20-30 days.

The modern reservoir has external status indicator lights to let you know if the pump is connected to Wi-Fi and to report the current water level.

Nourish an indoor plant community

With Riego, you can cultivate a wonderfully tranquil indoor garden with up to five different plants.

Learn about each plant’s needs by reading literature from the mobile app. You can adjust water flow as needed with different sized perforated tubing.

Silent, submersible water pump

Riego includes a submersible water pump that’s housed in the reservoir to distribute water to your indoor plants.

Unlike other indoor irrigation systems, the pump is silent when submerged in water, maintaining the peace and serenity of your home.

Communicate wirelessly with the resorvoir

With Wi-Fi connectivity, Riego can tell you everything you need to know about your plants and indoor community! Battery-operated Bluetooth sensors collect information and report back to the Riego system and the mobile app.

The app can tell you room temperature, soil moisture level, humidity, and amount of light. It can automatically initiate the pump at predetermined intervals, control the water supply, and irrigate your plants for you, wherever you are.

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