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Be present, without being late.

Prompt is an eyes-free timepiece that enables you to check the time without looking at it. A timepiece with no digits, no minute hand, no second hand — keeping you present and prompt.

The anti-watch provides approximate time notifications through haptic vibrations, which allow you to quickly and privately check the time without looking at it. Whether you choose to keep it in your pocket, in the palm of your hand, or wear it like a watch, the simple, modern design will help you navigate your busy day, promptly and professionally.

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Minimalistic build

The face design has no numbers or smartwatch distractions; it is truly unlike any other timepiece in the industry. With a concave face shape, Prompt perfectly fits into your thumb like a comfort pebble.

The anti-watch is encased in a stainless steel and glass bezel. The bezel is comforting to hold, yet crisp and refined to the eye.

Approximate haptic feedback

Prompt relays the time via discreet haptic feedback, or vibrations, that are triggered by you — it will only give you the time if you ask for it.

Prompt operates in quadrants of 15, 30, 45 and 60. Simply touch the capacitive sensor face to get the approximate time. 

Precise LED feedback

Prompt has an LED display configured into the rim to show you the exact time when you need it.

All you have to do is press the capacitive sensor face for a short period of time and the LED display will give you the exact time within a minute.

Versatile design

Prompt gives you the freedom to choose how you check the time. You can keep the anti-watch in your pocket or you can wear it on your wrist by attaching a wristband. When you add a wristband, the bezel will be enclosed in a plastic encasing.

Prompt also provides versatility in the way that you check the time — you can get the approximate time at the quarter hour via haptics or you can know up to the minute via the LED perimeter.

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