Where MOBILE meets COZY, you get Mozy™

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Mozy’s got you covered.

Mozy is the warmest thermal wrap scientifically-proven to keep you 100% warmer than stadium blankets at your next football game, camping trip or any outdoor event.

Made with durable, lightweight, weather-resistant materials, this technical garment solution is engineered to prevent both internal and external convective body heat loss while keeping you mobile and cozy outdoors.

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Sustained Heat Retention™

This feature will keep you warm, mobile and cozy. Mozy’s patent-pending, engineered design prevents convective heat loss and keeps internal body temperatures from dropping more effectively than other products on the market. 

A durable outer shell material and fleece-lined interior with concealed elastics hugs Mozy close to your body.

Infinitely Adjustable Warmth™

You can choose to wear Mozy at your waist, seal it halfway down, or fasten it snugly all the way over your shoes, letting you quickly adjust your level of warmth.

Completely close the Velcro border to keep weather elements out or unfasten the bottom to take a stroll. 

Ultimate Weather Resistance

Mozy is the best sideline companion. Wind doesn’t stand a chance — tightly woven fabric does not leave any gaps for air pass through at high speed.

Mozy is also made of waterproofed Nylon to keep you warm and dry. Even if your sideline spot is in the mud, you can toss Mozy in the washing machine with a cold water gentle cycle and then tumble dry on low.

Easy and Accessible Storage

Fit what you want, where you want it. With three easy-to-reach pockets, Mozy secures your outdoor essentials: water bottles, cell phones, snacks, wipes, hats, gloves, glasses and more!

When it’s time to pack up, Mozy fits into its own pocket for quick and easy storage with a shoulder strap for easy carry.

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