Innovative and eco-friendly clothing hangers
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Meet the Mozu Hanger: an Earth-friendly clothing hanger featuring an innovative notch design that won’t stretch your clothes.

Now, you can hang and remove clothing without unbuttoning buttons or overstretching collars. The Mozu Hanger also works with a wide variety of garments, from baby clothes to adult clothes, making it the perfect hanger for the whole family. 


Innovative Notch

Our seamlessly integrated notch prevents the stretching of collars and makes it possible to hang and remove clothing with one hand, including shirts with the top buttons buttoned.

Plus, the Mozu Hanger design works with baby clothes and adult clothes, making it extra versatile.

Slim Profile + Refined Shape

The Mozu Hanger is thinner than standard plastic hangers to help maximize your closet space.

We meticulously designed the shape to maintain any shirt’s form and eliminate those hideous shoulder deformities we like to call “pokies.”

Renewable Materials

Reducing plastic, one hanger at a time.

We crafted the Mozu Hanger with wheat straw material, which is an agricultural by-product that is eco-friendly, flexible and durable.

The Mozu Hanger will also be available in a premium 3-ply, laminated bamboo.

Pants Bar

We added an integrated pants bar that features a tall profile for added strength and stiffness. It won’t snap or fall apart.

Swivel Hook

The swivel hook gives you the freedom to hang your hangers however and wherever you chose. It’s also shorter than standard hooks, giving you more space under your clothes.