Big light for small spaces

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A new level of visibility and usability

Luminook provides floor-to-ceiling, shadow-free illumination by discreetly nesting an LED strip along the inner door trim of your closet or pantry. Once installed, Luminook is almost completely hidden from view. The result is brilliant, almost magical illumination of your small space, without the light ever shining in your eyes

Why should you choose Luminook?

Ditch the switch

Traditional lights rely on switches, buttons or poor-functioning motion sensors to control the light, which is inconvenient and wastes electricity. Luminook uses advanced sensors to determine the exact position of the door, so the light is only on when it needs to be.

If your space doesn’t have a door, a hand gesture will turn on the light, and a programmable timer or motion sensor turns it off.

Cut the cord

Luminook’s removable lithium-ion battery pack means you don’t have to worry about proximity to an electrical outlet. The battery pack charges via USB and with average usage, it will go well over a month on a single charge.

You can even use an optional accessory to power Luminook from an existing light socket. This has the added benefit of keeping a charged battery ready to go for use in another Luminook!

Your light, your way

Luminook is endlessly customizable by using the connected smartphone app. Choose the color-temperature that suits you (warm yellow to cool white) or let Luminook adjust based on time or position of the sun.

The same is true for brightness: Choose your preferred level, or set a timetable, or let Luminook adjust automatically based on ambient light in the room.

Easy to install, no electrician required

Luminook installs in less than 10 minutes using 3M adhesive tape and requires no special tools or ‘do-it-yourself’ skills. Luminook uninstalls cleanly, leaving no marks on the wall or trim.

Luminook works on all closet door types, with a single or double opening (up to 72” wide).

The highest possible light quality

Luminook’s light coverage is dramatically better than anything you’ve ever seen…but, you can take one more step up. CRI (Color Rendering Index) measures the ability of light to accurately reveal color, as compared to natural sunlight. Upgrading to Luminook+ pairs high-CRI LEDs with the amazing light coverage of Luminook. This is the next best thing to having direct sunlight in your closet!

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