HiLounge: House slippers turned casual and functional


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All-day comfort, indoors and outdoors

HiLounge combines the comfort of a slipper with the style of a casual shoe to bring you newfound versatility, at home or on the go. From the carpet to the hardwood, or from the driveway to the store, HiLounge will be your new multi-purpose, slipper solution.

With a two-piece upper, HiLounge gives a contoured, snug, sock-like fit to your entire foot. The slippers have a collapsible heel, are lined with moisture-wicking wool material, and they’re supported with a lightweight, slip-resistant outsole.


Unique Two-piece Upper

The 100% felt two-piece upper is so soft and flexible, it will feel more like you’re wearing a sock instead of a slipper.

Instead of one single piece of material like a standard slipper, the pieces are sewn together to provide two-way stretch and a contoured, snug fit to the entire foot. 

Collapsible Neoprene Heel

The two-piece upper is supported with a neoprene collapsible heel for easy accessibility. Slip your HiLounges on and sport a slide look or pull the heel up for a full shoe look.

With a double cross stitch finish, the heel won’t irritate your skin. The heel is contoured to fit your achilles very snugly, making the slipper feel more light and secure overall.

Moisture-wicking Wool Lining

The shoe lining is known as Qaiwool — our own natural, plush merino wool blend material.

The Qaiwool lining is moisture wicking and heat regulating to keep feet warm in cold weather and dry in warm weather. Your feet will always feel comfortable and refreshed.

Slip-resistant Outsole

To provide protection, shock absorption and stability, your HiLounges are equipped with a Comblite tread array, an exclusive hybrid of thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, and a durable slip-resistant material.

Compared to similar product outsoles, HiLounge has 20% more traction on wet and dry surfaces, in addition to cushioning that lasts 25% longer.

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