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Opening packages is easy, safe, and fun.

FLYK is the first multi-cutter with covered blades that safely cut, slice and glide through boxes, packages, envelopes, cartons, plastics, cords, zip ties and just about any packaging you can imagine. 

Why do you need FLYK? Because FLYK is the easiest, safest, most fun way to open packages.

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FLYK opens stuff. All kinds of stuff.

FLYK’s standard box opener glides over taped boxes, like those from Amazon, to give you immediate access. The tough opener slices into hard clamshell packaging, knicks small taped areas and performs more precise maneuvers.

The envelope cutter uses a ceramic blade to surgically slice open the envelope of bills, invitations, love letters or holiday cards. FLYK also features a zip tie, cord, twine and plastic banding cutter.

FLYK’s unique design puts safety first.

FLYK is shaped into a handle with a small thumb rest, making it extremely easy to grip and maneuver, providing stability, power, safety and accuracy.

FLYK’s shielded stainless steel and ceramic blades protect you, your clothing, your children, and the contents of your packages. Carry it in your pocket without ripping clothes or piercing skin. Your kids can use it and you can even toss it to a friend without concern for injury.

FLYK cuts your boxes & your carbon footprint.

FLYK can help you quickly cut up boxes or plastic for recycling purposes, saving you time and space. 

FLYK is also engineered with biodegradable liquid wood. Not only does FLYK help eliminate plastic waste from production plants, FLYK also won’t harm the planet when it’s time for disposal.

FLYK hangs out wherever you do.

Most of us grab package opening devices (scissors, razors and knives) from a drawer in the kitchen, or near our workbench or work area. FLYK has a magnet and magnetic mount so you can store it wherever you want it, ready at a moment’s notice. 

Even if you choose to store FLYK in a drawer, the shielded blades prevent you from getting hurt.

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