Next generation GPS tracker for multiple use cases

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Safety and security for your loved ones, pets and valuables

Flok trackers are the most reliable, next generation LPWA network GPS-tracking devices that ensure peace of mind when it comes to the safety and security of what matters most.

These lightweight trackers offer maximum positioning accuracy, a long-lasting battery, and an accompanying app to put yourself and your loved ones at ease.

Why should you choose Flok?

LPWAN Technology

Flok trackers use Low Power Wide Area Networks LTE-M/NB-IoT to offer maximum positioning accuracy and an extended battery life so you can find your loved ones or belongings as quickly as possible.

Accurate Tracking + Better Coverage

With NB-IoT/LTE-M and the Flok mobile app, Flok is 2x more accurate and has 30% better coverage than other 3G trackers on the market.

Flok’s unlimited working radius between the device and smartphone ensures that you know the exact location of your belongings, pets and loved ones.

Wireless Charging Provides Long-lasting Battery 

Flok trackers have a battery life of up to 180 days and wireless charging capabilities to keep your tracker fully functioning at all times. 

Finally, you can have 24/7 protection over your valuable belongings, pets and loved ones!

Geofence + Instant Notifications

Flok trackers include a geofence with notifications that alert you if the tracker strays outside of the area that you’ve set. And, for finding your belongings indoors, Flok makes a ringing sound at the press of a button.

You’ll also receive an instant notification if the app detects any unusual activity. For those of us with older family members, notifications and a fall down sensor can assist seniors in case of emergency

Flok Family App

Using Flok is as easy as opening an app on your phone. Flok mobile app controls it all – from the location of your kids, pets and valuables, in ultimate detail, to notifications of any unusual activity.

The app allows you to choose your custom location update intervals, track life, enable sleep mode and review device-based user history.

Efficient and Durable Design

Flok trackers are fully equipped with durable materials and are small, stylish and lightweight. Flok includes a silicon cover and a keychain/keyring, so whether you attach the tracker to your keys, your dog’s collar or your bike, it can resist damage and you won’t even realize you have it with you!

Additionally, Flok is waterproof up to 1m below the water’s surface

Now available on Kickstarter!