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Be just as productive on the go as you are with your ideal office setup with Espresso Displays.

As ultra-thin, portable, touchscreen monitors at just 5mm thick, Espresso Displays can turn your laptop into a portable workstation! Its lightweight, sleek design is easy to take with you just about anywhere; whether it is to your next flight, a local coffee shop or even right at home. 

Both USB-C and HDMI compatible, Espresso Displays’ full HD screens are available in 13.3″ & 15.6″ sizes, matching the size of your laptop.

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5mm Thickness

Espresso Displays are ultra-thin and the perfect accessory for your laptop because you can take them anywhere and always have one (or more) handy in your bag.

If you have just 2cm of spare space, you can fit FOUR extra screens in your bag — that in itself is thinner and lighter than most laptops!

Premium Quality Build

Espresso Displays’ aeronautical-grade aluminium coating generates a sleek, smooth design that you’d WANT to be seen next to your Macbook!

Espresso Displays are designed to be taken on the go, and they’re very durable, making them the perfect travel companion!

Full HD, LED Display

Espresso Displays are FULL HD, with an amazing color range. Its vibrant, glass panel display is 10-point touch, which recognizes the touch of all ten fingers at once.

This makes Espresso Displays the ultimate tools for the modern, on-the-go worker.

Unique Magnetic Mounting Stands and Flip Case

The uniquely designed Espresso Mount Go and Espresso Mount PRO stands use magnets for you to setup your screen in SECONDS.

The flip case props it up at the perfect height for viewing!

Compatible with All Laptops

Choose between the Display 13, which measures 13.3″, and Display 15, which measures 15.6”.

Espresso Displays also come with a range of cables, so you can turn any laptop into a portable work space, anywhere. Not to mention, Espresso Displays are also compatible with some of your favorite gaming consoles, Raspberry Pi and mobile phones!

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