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Forged as a tribute to the bond between a son and his father, Egard’s Bermuda timepieces do more than simply tell time — they capture moments.

Egard’s Bermuda series features three fully engraved watches designed to last more than a lifetime, helping you build your legacy.

Learn more about our story by watching our Legacy video to the right. 

Bermuda Masterpiece

The first watch in our series is the Bermuda Masterpiece, a beautifully crafted watch with STP1-11 Swiss-made automatic movement. This watch features a custom rotor created by the Egard team, making it even more unique. 

This watch’s eye-catching design inspires us to live each day to the fullest.

Bermuda Skeleton

The second version of the Bermuda series features a Seagull movement. The Bermuda Skeleton will be the only skeletonized watch in this series. 

This timepiece is far more important than just functional jewelry. It represents the best moments in our lives with the people who matter most.

Bermuda V1

The third watch style in the Bermuda series is the Bermuda V1. The V1 is the most affordable watch in the Bermuda series and will feature a Swiss-made Ronda 515 movement.

The Bermuda V1 truly embodies Egard’s mission to help you build your legacy.

Fully Engraved Case

Inspired by 16th century art, all three Bermuda series watches are fully engraved by the Egard team. This is a process we have perfected over the years and something rarely offered in the watch industry.

The Bermuda series features fully engraved casings and metal bracelets, too.

Sapphire Crystal Top and Bottom

The top of the Bermuda series watches are made of sapphire crystal, giving the watches a unique, luxurious finish.

Sapphire crystals are incredibly scratch resistant and can be seen on the front of the Bermuda series watches and on the exhibition caseback of the Masterpiece and Skeleton watches so you can see and appreciate the movement.


Egard watches are designed to last.

Egard’s crystal and cases are made in-house to ensure true quality in both design and craftsmanship. The finishing and quality of this watch series are unprecedented in its price range.

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