The total glute solution

The COBA Board is scientifically proven to increase activation of the glutes

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It’s scientifically proven that the COBA Board will help you build a better butt.

The COBA Board has been scientifically proven to be effective through an independent study by Dr. Scott Lynn PhD at the California State University to maximize glute and hamstring muscle activation while minimizing the use of quadriceps and knees.

The COBA Board is a portable counterbalance board that forces your body into the perfect position to help shape, tone and build glute muscles faster, safer and more effectively than traditional methods.

The 8 premier glute exercises

Unlike other glute trainers with limited functionality, the COBA Board has the ability to assist with the 8 premier glute exercise categories: squats, lunges, deadlifts, hip thrusts, glute bridges, kickbacks, donkey kicks, abductors, and more! These movements are the gold standard for building, toning and shaping your glutes as all exercises can be performed on one lightweight, easy-to-use device.

Counterbalance design

The COBA Board is biomechanically designed to force your body into the perfect counterbalance position to maximize the activation of your posterior chain muscles and minimize the activation of your overactive anterior muscles. The design is developed, tested and patented to help shape, tone and build your glute muscles faster, safer and more effectively than traditional methods.

Lean back to lean into your workout

Trainers may tell you to sit back onto your heels to help distribute your weight and protect your knees. The COBA Board’s 7% incline has an additional bar to force lifted toes preventing strain on anterior muscles and joints. This targets the gluteal and posterior muscles and helps ensure accurate foot alignment for a perfect counterbalanced position to maximize glute activation.

Three-pulley system

The COBA Board has a three-pulley system which provides a smooth pull and connects to a convenient handle for you to perform squats, lunges or deadlifts using concentric and eccentric muscle movements for optimal activation. The COBA Board’s pulley system lets you use one, two or three bands for bands at different resistances. You can easily change the pulley bands out for heavier or lighter bands.

Compact, convenient and commercial grade

The COBA Board’s patented platform is strong and capable of handling hundred of pounds of force. The board has a thick rubber mat so that you can comfortably kneel on it. Weighing just 12 pounds, it’s easy to store, easy to travel with and easy to use in any size room or apartment.

Added functionality

The COBA Board has resistance bands, a Kickback foot strap, a Glute Bridge hip Belt, an adjustable hip loop, and Bicep curl handles for upper body workouts. Our patent-pending system has a single band that connects to each side of the board for bridges. Choose different lengths and resistances depending on your size and needs. The COBA Board also comes with a workout library and app to help you focus on the areas you want to improve.

Now available on Kickstarter