Hear less, so you can listen more

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Free yourself from all of life’s noise

Zenbuds are true wireless earbuds that promise freedom from background noise and total immersion into your music through active noise-cancelling technology.

These premium earbuds offer an unmatched listening experience with up to six hours of listening time and four full charge-ups using its charging case. Its crystal clear sound, IPX5 water resistance and wireless fit will enhance your focus and keep you in a “zen” state – whether exercising, traveling or simply enjoying your day.


Active Noise-Cancelling Technology

 Turn on your Zenbuds and immerse yourself in your favorite song, podcast or meditation track, all without the distraction of background noises.

While most earbuds claim to have noise-canceling features, they are actually just passive noise cancelling. This means they rely on the earbud shape and music itself to block out noise. Our advanced true noise-cancelling technology omits up to 28db of ambient noise! You can truly get in the zone to focus on the task at hand, no matter where you are, bringing you closer to your goals with Zenbuds in your ears.

24 Hours of Total Listening Time

Using a power-saving chip and customized lithium battery, Zenbuds are able to deliver six hours of listening time per charge, and four full charge-ups from the charging case… that’s 24 straight hours of total listening time!

Zenbuds also offer quick charging — 10 minutes of charge time gives you 60 minutes of music play time!

Comfortable, Wireless Fit

No wires, no worry.

A perk of owning our true wireless headphones is that they are guaranteed to stay firmly in place through high levels of movement. Not to mention, they look sleek and sophisticated.

New Sound Compression Functionality

Press play and nothing else matters. Zenbuds provide a dynamic audio experience with a rich performance on high notes and deep, strong bass.

Zenbuds also offers dual ear call functionality. This solves the problem of hearing the call in a single ear and makes the quality of any call that much better.

Portable Charging Case

Perfect for those on the go, Zenbuds allow you to charge up while you’re out and about or traveling by simply popping the earbuds in the rechargeable charging case. No outlet necessary.

Equipped with an easy-to-read battery indicator, Zenbuds promise to clearly display its battery level. The carrying case’s compact design fits right in your pocket too! For an extra layer of protection, the secure magnetic-sealed lid protects your earbuds from any outside forces and prevents you from losing them.

Auto-pairing Capability

Never miss a beat with Zenbuds’ auto-pairing capability — they’ll automatically turn on when put in your ears and turn off when returned to the case. They’ll even connect to the last paired device automatically!

Siri/Google Voice Command

“Hey Siri, skip this song!”

Zenbuds allow you to use Siri or Google Assistant right from your earbuds. All you have to do is touch the side of your earbuds with your finger and start talking!

Water-resistant Design

Zenbuds are designed with IPX5 water resistance — this means that your earbuds will be completely safe from rain, splashes and sweat.

Whether you’re playing sports, training in the gym, running, you name it… your earbuds will be protected through it all.

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