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Protect your family from online spying and identity theft

Meet Winston. Winston is the only device that empowers you to retake control of your online privacy and protect your family from online spying and identity theft. With Winston, you get the keys to your house back and you can rest assured that you are no longer the product that is packaged, collected and sold.

How Winston protects your online privacy 

Within 60 seconds of being plugged in, Winston encrypts, anonymizes, and accelerates your internet connection, blocking big tech companies, advertisers, data brokers, governments, and more from accessing your personal data. Winston protects everything on your home network — computers, laptops, phones, tablets, smart TVs, and all of your connected devices, from refrigerators to light bulbs. Even Winston’s team can’t access or sell your personal data.

The Winston Online Dashboard

Winston’s online dashboard lets you dig into your network analytics and see exactly what Winston is filtering. You can:

  • Inspect blocked ads and trackers
  • View your network health
  • Monitor activity
  • Modify privacy settings
  • View detailed usage reports

Winston’s Unique Technology

Winston’s proprietary filtering technology doesn’t just block cookies, it intelligently alters and expires them to confuse trackers. Winston also comes equipped with a customizable blacklist that blocks over 90,000 tracking and malware sites by default, protecting you from identity theft. You can even block the browser fingerprinting techniques that allow trackers to peer through private browsing.

And instead of slowing you down like a VPN, Winston blocks so many trackers, ads, and clickbait, Winston accelerates web browsing by reducing data usage by an average of 45 percent.

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