The game is to aim!

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Keeping toilets cleaner,

one aim at a time

Whizz Bang provides a gamification solution that makes potty training (and aiming!) a fun and easy milestone for your son, and keeps the bathroom clean for you. Its LED bulls eye target helps children avoid missing the toilet, which inevitably shortens the duration of potty training and minimizes bathroom upkeep. It also integrates a musical reward element into teaching boys how to aim, creating a more interactive experience!

Here’s What People Are Saying About Whizz Bang

Gamify potty training

Trade in your potty training books, songs, videos and stickers for the latest advancement in potty training. Whizz Bang emits an LED bulls eye target, which, when hit, triggers arcade sounds and music. The more the “player” is on the target, the more they play!

Keep your bathroom free of dribbles

Whizz Bang doesn’t just benefit young boys who are potty training; it also benefits you. Simply mounted on the toilet seat, Whizz Bang helps your child avoid missing the toilet, which minimizes bathroom upkeep.

Shorten the duration of potty training

While girls easily sit to use the restroom, boys initially sit and then advance to standing; this progression leads to the aiming game and longer time and more effort to master. Whizz Bang’s interactive, gamification features increase your child’s persistence to win, which causes them to master this milestone much quicker.

Bring an award-winning product
into your home

Whizz Bang was invented by three desperate dads who were tired of having foul-smelling bathrooms and cleaning up after their young children. So, they came up with an innovative way to help other parents avoid the unnecessary cleanup of the dreaded “pee-pee” splatter. The men entered the Make48 invention competition and created the first Whizz Bang prototype in just 48 hours! It placed second in the competition and the rest was history!

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