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Changing the way people express themselves

Upmood is a wearable that collects biodata to give you insight on your heart rate, stress level, vitality levels, and emotion to promote positivity through emotional self-awareness.

Paired with the app, Upmood pushes the limits of communication existing only through verbal and body language and combines the science of quality emotional monitoring and an all-new social networking experience.

Ultimately, Upmood is about reconnecting people, dismissing the idea of emotional barriers and encouraging people to open up and resist the societal mask that embodies humanity.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Upmood

Upmood Bracelet

Upmood’s interface is as easy to use as it is to wear, making tracking your daily emotional health a no-brainer.

Choose a strap that fits your mood with our assortment of lightweight, highly-durable polyester straps that come in black and exclusive Upmood colors — sea green and bright yellow.

Accompanying App

Upmood uses an algorithm that turns biometric data into analytics through a Bluetooth connection to the app to let you know of your stress level, heart rate, vitality levels, and emotion.

Mood Stream & Feed

Receive a detailed summary of your emotions each day and track emotional trends over time, PLUS view your friends’ and family’s emotions that they share so you can stay on top of their emotional health and stability.


Interact with your friends and family with the app stickers that feature a spectrum of characters representing all sorts of emotions and reactions.

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