Perfect Cook…Perfect Sear

Take your sous vide to the next level
Sous vide, a French cooking method where food is sealed and cooked in heated water, gives you perfect, worry-free results every time. Our Total Sous Vide system helps you cook restaurant-quality meals for your family or guests with minimal mess and prep.

With Total Sous Vide, you’ll get:

  • A 24-quart insulated cook-box (used in conjunction with your existing sous vide device) to yield juicy, tender food, at the perfect doneness
  • A high temperature sear-station, which uses smaller amounts of wood and charcoal to easily and perfectly sear food post-sous vide

*You do not need to buy these products together.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Total Sous Vide…


The Total Sous Vide system offers a highly insulated, portable cook-box that allows you to heat a larger volume of water (24 quarts) and cook larger quantities or sizes of food using less electricity.

When the cooking is done, use the plug on the side of the cook-box to drain the hot water. Once empty, you can open the bags of food inside the cook-box to avoid messes and spills. The stainless steel rack at the bottom of the cook-box also serves as a platform to hold your food before and after searing.


The Total Sous Vide system also offers a high-heat sear-station that is used to create a delicious, restaurant quality char and crust. Use charcoal or wood to achieve deep natural flavors.

The sear-station is portable, easy to clean, and perfect for both grill-masters and beginners. It’s also great for those who want to grill on the go or lack the space for a traditional grill.

Durable, Safe Materials

The Total Sous Vide cook-box is made from expanded polypropylene, which is recyclable, FDA food-approved material with high melting temperature.

The sear-station is made entirely from high-grade stainless steel.


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