The ultimate Bluetooth speaker inspired by both light and sound

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Step up your Bluetooth speaker game

With more versatility than you can imagine, Tivoo-Max delivers the ultimate audio experience in an elegantly crafted body that doubles as a 16×16 LED pixel art canvas where your imagination and creativity can run wild. That’s not all. Tivoo-Max’s display also serves as a smart alarm, activity planner, social media notification tool, gaming screen, DJ mixer and so much more. You can effortlessly control all of these features via Divoom Smart — the smart, easy-easy-to-use mobile application available for iOS and Android devices. Not to mention, Divoom Smart also provides a platform for pixel art fans to communicate and share their designs with others around the world!

Divoom Pixel Art Gallery & Community

Join the biggest online pixel art community of 1 million+ talented artists! Choose from a massive variety of graphics, videos, GIFs and games, or create and upload your own. Whether you’re a novice artist or someone with more experience, our online community is the perfect place for you to improve and become a pixel art animator – we’re constantly updating and improving our drawing aid tools. Using the free online community, you can even share, like, comment and interact with others’ designs. Meeting other pixel art fans with the same interests as you around the world has never been easier!

16×16 LED Panel

Talk about an immersive lighting experience! The Tivoo-Max is equipped with a 256 programmable LED panel, capable of creating 16 million colors! Use it to display graphics, videos, GIFs, games, clocks, weather reports, notifications, scoreboards and more. The pixel chat feature allows two users to send messages and pixel art designs to each other directly. Wish your significant other a happy birthday by sending a cake emoji to their Tivoo-Max — or let them know you’re mad at them by sending a humorous poop emoji. There are no limits!

Bluetooth Speaker

Get ready to experience an unparalleled audio experience with this acoustic beast! Designed with the latest DSP technology to enhance the quality of sound, the Tivoo-Max is composed of 40 watts and a 2.1 stereo setup. It delivers a strong punch of bass with a 20W active subwoofer and a bass port chassis design to effectively increase the bass effect — quite frankly, this is the most powerful and best sounding speaker our team has ever built. Feel free to connect Tivoo-Max to your music through an SD card or the AUX-in port as well.

Smart Alarm & Sleep Aid

Get a good night of sleep, every night, with Tivoo-Max’s Alphawave white noise tracks and melatonin-inducing light waves. Then, to ensure you start your days right, Tivoo-Max’s smart alarm stimulates a real-life sunrise, where both lighting and the audio alarm turn on gradually. It also supports self-recorded alarms, so you can wake up to the voice of someone special to you.

There are over 48 built-in sleep aid and alarm profiles to choose from that guarantee you’ll to wake up feeling refreshed!

Everyday Features

The Tivoo-Max is more than just eye candy; every detail is a result of engineering perfection.

Daily convenience tools include social media notifications, music tools, music EQ visualizer, daily activity planner, calendar, weather report, scoreboard, pixel art games, stopwatch, timer, voice messenger, voice morpher and more.

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