The cutting board, evolved

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A cut above the rest

We’ve fundamentally redesigned how cutting boards are constructed to make them more robust and last a lifetime.

Made from sustainably sourced Northern Hard Maple, The Decent Butcher Block blends traditional craftsmanship with modern design. Featuring a self-healing end grain cutting surface, embedded structural support and a unique silicone juice groove, this cutting board will be a beautiful addition to your kitchen that gets passed down through your family for generations to come.


Sustainably sourced

The sustainable, ultra durable design is engineered to resist warping and last a lifetime. Northern Hard Maple is the perfect balance of hardness to last a lifetime, while not so hard as to quickly dull your knives’ blades.

Unlike plastic cutting boards, naturally occurring chemical compounds in the wood kill bacteria creating a much more hygienic cutting surface than plastic.

Self-healing end-grain orientation

When cutting on an end-grain surface, the knife edge sinks into the board’s fibers and some of the shock is absorbed. When the knife edge is lifted, the fibers close back up over time as if the board is “self-healing.”

The vertically oriented wood grains wick moisture away from the surface to promote quick drying, and to further enhance the product’s antimicrobial properties.

Embedded structural support

The Decent Butcher Block is manufactured with a unique support structure embedded within the body of the cutting board, which resists warping and makes the product extremely strong.

This ensures that it is strong enough to take some abuse and stand the test of time, setting it apart as the premier butcher block on the market.

Upgraded silicone juice groove

Choose from the base model or the upgraded silicone juice groove model. The groove is built into the sides of the board to prevent spillage while letting fluids gently flow over the edge of the board, like a calm infinity pool.

By moving the juice groove to the side, the user is given full use of the cutting surface and does not interfere when sliding food off of the edge. It also lends a very unique modern design touch, sure to be a conversation starter.

Now available on Kickstarter