Underwear for travel and adventure



Let the first garment you put on and the last one you take off be an extraordinary one.

Teamkit presents athletic, modern boxer briefs that every man needs for his travels and adventures — from an average day at the office to a spontaneous weekend outdoors.

These are the ONLY boxer briefs with 75% thread- and stitch-free construction, which combats chafing and ride-ups. Lightweight stretch jersey fabric keeps you cool and dry, while simultaneously defining and supporting your body without tight compression.

Designed by Michael Berkowitz, craftsman of the most iconic men’s underwear brands like Calvin Klein and Nike, Teamkit Boxer Briefs will add the top-notch quality, versatility and breathable fit that your underwear drawer needs.

BondX Technology

Inspired by high-end cycling apparel, our team developed a new way of constructing underwear: space-age thermo-bonding.

This patent-pending process replaces stitched hems, which can irritate skin and cause poor fit, with clean-bonded BondX hems, which are then fused together without thread. This process eliminates 90% of the total threads on the garment’s seams and hems, so the underwear fits like a glove and keeps its shape.

As a result, this unique technology supports your natural range of motion, lets you move without constraints and creates chafe-free comfort. It provides recovery fit, which means the material will naturally snap back into place and it won’t bunch up.

The ClubHouse Pouch

Experience game-changing support with the patent-pending ClubHouse Pouch.

We created our 3-D pouch for one purpose: to be the perfect, no-bounce solution that keeps your goods in place and close to your body at all times. Its ergonomic make is fused to the garment without any stitching and engineered to fit like a glove.

Get locked-in stability for every activity, every time.

Luxury Eurojersey Material

Teamkit Boxer Briefs offer a clean, modern style for every occasion. This is the only line of underwear that will stay put no matter what — even the super soft waistband won’t pinch or roll. Not only does this elite material deliver a long-lasting, unparallelled look, but it also accentuates your body while remaining secure.

With Teamkit, cutting out your scratchy boardshort linings is also a thing of the past. Simply slip your stretchy boxer briefs on and off and wear them like a rash guard.


Quick-dry Technology

This silky material dries faster than your cotton underwear. Now, you can take on your toughest, sweatiest pursuits with ease. Embedded with quick-dry technology and a body moisture system, this Italian microfiber nylon jersey material will keep you sweat-free and focused on your game.

Forgot to pack your swimsuit? That’s OK. Our boxer briefs are perfect to chill in by the pool or in the ocean. They’re chlorine and saltwater resistant, and even protect you from the sun up to UV +50!


Designed by the Best of the Best

Michael Berkowitz has spent more than 25 years designing some of the most iconic men’s underwear brands, such as Calvin Klein, Nike, GapBody and more. Some of his consulting clients include big stars like Bruce Weber, Tom Ford and Jay Z. It’s safe to say that he’s reputable… and he’s bringing his expertise to Teamkit.

With almost three decades of designing under his belt, Berkowitz can guarantee that this underwear provides luxurious comfort, precise fit, plus support and agility for the modern man and his active life.

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