The Perfect Pinch of Salt for better taste and lower sodium intake

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Finally, You Can Take Control of Salt for Perfect Taste and Better Health

TasteStick is the first and only dispenser that gives you the Perfect Pinch of Salt with each use. TasteStick is an innovative, trigger-operated salt dispenser that puts you in control over the amount of salt and the spread area. TasteStick helps manage your sodium intake. Simply pull the one-handed trigger, and your TasteStick dispenses the perfect pinch of salt evenly across your food. TasteStick always remains closed, which protects the salt from contamination.

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Here’s What People Are Saying About TasteStick

Preset Quantity Dispenser

The TasteStick dispenser guarantees 30mg of salt, just 1/160th of a teaspoon, per use, so you don’t have to worry about overindulging.

Evenly Distributed Salt

You simply pull the one-handed trigger and TasteStick dispenses the salt evenly across your food. By seasoning in this way, your taste receptors receive the perfect amount of salt sensation with every bite.

The Salt

Your TasteStick comes with 200g of salt from untouched and protected areas of the Austrian Alps. With this amount of salt, you can use your TasteStick 6,600 times. You can also use TasteStick with your favorite choice of fine-grained salt. 

Easy Refill

You receive your TasteStick with refillable cartridges. A cartridge holds up to 66g for using TasteStick 2,200 times before refilling.

Hygienic Storage

TasteStick uses hygienic salt storage, meaning its special mechanism that discharges the salt evenly keeps TasteStick closed, even during use, which protects salt from being contaminated or caking.


The shape of TasteStick is inspired by minerals and the ergonomic design allows easy, intuitive use with one hand.

Quality Materials, No Maintenance, Easy Cleaning

TasteStick is made in Austria with high-quality, BPA-free, food-safe plastic that is scratch and shock resistant as well as stainless steel. TasteStick does not need batteries and is completely maintenance free and easy to clean.

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