Nanotechnology + acupuncture to rebalance your system
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Rebalance. Realign. Reboot.

TaoPatch is a wearable wellness device that is scientifically proven to make you feel better, physically and mentally, today, tomorrow and every day.

By combining the cutting edge science of nanotechnology and light therapy with one of the oldest healing disciplines, acupuncture, TaoPatch uses light applied to specific acupuncture points on the body to provide immediate and long-lasting health benefits. 

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Nanotechnology + acupuncture

TaoPatch uses nanotechnology material called quantum dots. These quantum dots are activated by your body heat (infrared energy), and convert it into specific therapeutic wavelengths of light (similar to low-level laser therapy).

When the heat from your body is converted into light, it actually glows in the dark. This light is sent into particular acupuncture points, which helps your Central Nervous System “remember” how to naturally communicate with the rest of your body.

Mental + emotional reboot

TaoPatch provides immediate and long-lasting neuromuscular re-modulation, mental clarity and balance.

It can strengthen immunity and improve emotional and mental health, focus, sleep, metabolism, neuroplasticity and overall well-being.

Physical rebalance

TaoPatch provides measurable physical relief. It can improve posture, eliminate pain from headaches, joints, muscles, and more. It can also boost athletic performance and recovery.

TaoPatch can relieve symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Bell’s Palsy, and more, making daily life easier and more comfortable for those affected.

Immediate + long-lasting relief

TaoPatch is guaranteed to works for 2.5 years and is very easy to use.

Each package comes with medical-grade, waterproof, hypoallergenic and breathable adhesives to stick TaoPatch to your skin.

Choose your intensity

There are two different TaoPatch sets for you to choose from.

TaoPatch Start: The standard version of the wearable wellness device, includes one layer of nanocrystals.

TaoPatch Pro: The professional version, includes three layers of nanocrystals to offer more power and a wider range of wavelengths than the Start.

Scientifically proven

TaoPatch has been proven through double-blind studies at major universities and published in Pubmed. Over 500,000 devices have been sold through a network of 1,800 doctors over the past seven years in Europe.

TaoPatch is loved by major European sports teams and thousands of happy customers. 

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