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A Paradigm Shift in Fitness Training

Cut your workout time in half and generate greater muscular activation and faster muscle fatigue with the T2 Iso-Trainer.

Inspired by friction devices created for astronauts, the T2 Iso-Trainer is NOT a pulley system, but a force multiplier that provides a dynamic, all-inclusive workout experience.

The T2 Iso-Trainer combines over 12 training methods – Isokinetic, Isometric, Iso-Elastic, Suspension, Plyometric, Bungee, Aerobic, Flexibility, Tabata method, Functional and HIIT– into one system so you can move from one exercise to the next without ever letting go of the handles or changing bands or plates.

T2 Force Lock Resistance Housing

At the heart of the T2 Iso-trainer is the patented die-cast metal Force Lock Resistance Housing. Unlike a pulley, the T2 Housing has no moving parts and comes with a lifetime warranty.

It brilliantly multiplies your resistive effort and pits muscle group against muscle group. We call this BODY FIGHT!

T2 Power Bungee

Combined with our custom T2 Power Bungee, the T2 Iso-Trainer becomes the T2 Iso-Trainer Pro. This expanded system generates a powerhouse workout that will train you harder and faster than anything you have experienced before.

Our one-of-a-kind, patented Iso-Elastic exercises merge Isokinetic and elastic band training while automatically and intuitively engaging our Body Fight system of training. Quick connect carabiners allow you to instantly take the Power Bungee in and out of play with a single click. 


On-the-fly Intensity and Exercise Changes

Discover the synergy and speed of on-the-fly intensity and exercise changes with no plates, bands or pins to change. Move from one training method and exercise to the next without ever letting go of the handles.

The T2 Iso-Trainer is a body fight system that accommodates instantly to your ability and fitness level. Whether you’re a professional athlete or just starting to exercise for the very first time, the T2 Iso-Trainer is ideal for any level of training.

Instantly adjust your resistance by slowing down or speeding up your movement — the T2 housing does the rest. You can control the intensity without the fear of injury that can occur from using free weights.

Cut Your Workout Time in Half (or More)

The foundation of the T2 Iso-Trainer is the science of Isokinetic and Iso-Elastic movement, which is proven to duplicate the results of most forms of weight training.

Unlike free weights and cable machines that have degrees of resistance like a bell curve, the T2 Iso-Trainer makes your muscles experience a constant level of resistance throughout the entire range of motion. The result is greater muscular activation, faster muscle fatigue and dramatically shorter workout times.  

Compact and Portable

Truly workout anywhere with T2 Iso-Trainer. Whether you’re working out at home, at the gym or while traveling, the T2 Iso-Trainer is built for on-the-go use.

The adjustable anchor strap allows you to attach to any secure anchor point and includes a specially designed hinge-side-only door jamb anchor for high, middle and low-level attachments. This lets you use your T2 Iso-Trainer wherever you are. If no external anchor point is available, the T2 Iso-Trainer allows you to become the anchor.

Many exercises let you experience a complete workout without relying on any external anchor point. The T2 Iso-Trainer comes with a convenient and durable drawstring backpack with extra space for water bottles, towels and whatever else you may want to have during your workout. 

Now available on Kickstarter