Stretch Buckle Belt

You’ll forget you’re even wearing a belt

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Eat the steak.
Stretch Buckle Belt has you covered.

Imagine a belt that never feels too loose or too tight.
A belt that moves with you throughout the day, whether you’re sitting, standing, walking…or even eating.

Stretch Buckle Belt is a leather ratchet belt with springs, that provide elasticity and comfort, built right into the buckle. With Stretch Buckle Belt, you’ll forget you’re even wearing a belt, and you’ll never sacrifice your style or appearance.

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Built-in Springs

The Stretch Buckle Belt features a buckle with built-in springs that provide elasticity and, ultimately, comfort. Regardless of how it’s buckled, it moves with you throughout the day, without compromising support.

Ratchet Style

The Stretch Buckle Belt is a discreet ratchet style belt that allows you to choose your precise desired size by using a buckle mechanism that locks into place. The result? A belt that comfortably fits YOU!

Easy Release Mechanism

The easy release mechanism allows the Stretch Buckle Belt to be taken off easily. Simply lift up from the front of the buckle to release the strap– voilà!

Discreet Design

Stretch Buckle Belt was designed to be discreet; nobody will know it’s a ratchet belt by looking at it, and they definitely won’t know about the buckle’s built-in springs. It’s the perfect mix of function and fashion.

Top Grain Leather with a Tapered End

The Stretch Buckle Belt is made with top grain leather, which is both attractive and high quality. It’s suitable for the office, a night out or just casual weekend wear.

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