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Sport Clamps are a new way to express your support for your favorite things. Sport Clamps feature a patent-pending design that clamps onto your outdoor beach or camping chairs to give you an easy way to fly the colors of your kid’s team at their game, or your favorite college or professional team at the tailgate.

With customizable flags and three adjustable posts, Sport Clamps provide endless possibilities in mixing and matching logos and messaging to be displayed from your chair.

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Compatible with all outdoor chairs and existing car flags

Whether you’re watching a baseball game or a football game, you can represent your favorite teams from the comfort of your game day chair, no matter what the weather for that day entails.

Sport Clamps have the ability to attach to any of your outdoor beach or camping chairs.

Customizable flags

You’re headed to your child’s first game of the season on the same day that your alma mater is playing their biggest rival. There is no way you can support both teams unless you have Sport Clamps.

Sport Clamps allow you to display multiple flags for those days when you have more than one team to support.

Flexible, threaded flag poles

With Sport Clamps, you can attach your team flags to your chair in any windy weather condition without the pole fracturing or flying away. Our flag poles are threaded and flexible, allowing them to bend while remaining attached to your chair.

Two spring-loaded clamps

Sport Clamps include two clamps that can accommodate tubes from 1/4″ to 1″ using two integrated spring-loaded clamping mechanisms that will not fall off your chair. The clamps can be positioned horizontally across the back of a chair or vertically along the chair tube. 

Three adjustable posts

For all the sports teams, words of encouragement, and other sayings you want to include on your chair, Sport Clamps includes three adjustable posts. Mix and match three flags at a time with two sockets on each post to allow for horizontal or vertical alignment.

Rubber toppers

With increased durability and safety in mind, Sport Clamps come with a rubber topper to secure your flag in place. Examples of these toppers include soccer balls and footballs to accompany the theme of your flag.

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