Master Sleep with the SleepSmart Pillow

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SleepSmart, Live Better

It only takes 10 days of mediocre sleep to begin to see health issues, yet over 42% of Americans clock in around 7 disrupted hours a night. The SleepSmart Pillow is here to change that.

Designed for side sleepers, or those who find themselves not getting a good rest because of their pillow height, the SleepSmart Pillow uses innovative adjustable technology, so that every night is your best night’s sleep.

The SleepSmart Pillow also comes with ‘Sophie,’ an intelligent assistant who helps monitor and assess your lifestyle and sleeping habits through the SleepSmart app for a better night’s rest.

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Master sleep with the SleepSmart System

Adjustable Support

The SleepSmart Pillow features a soft and comfortable top layer and a height-adjustable system that easily inflates and deflates depending on your preference. Unlike other adjustable pillows, you can precisely customize the SleepSmart Pillow while laying down on it to find your most comfortable position.

Smart App

Intelligent coach Sophie monitors and learns from your lifestyle and sleeping patterns through our app to give you tips for a better rest. The app is used like a journal to keep track of your daily habits and then automatically records your nightly sleep cycle, giving you inside information on how to obtain your best sleep.

Innovative 3D Weave

The adjustable support layer is surrounded by an innovative 3D weave, which is not only incredibly soft, but it’s also hypoallergenic and breathable. So unlike with memory foam, you’ll always be on the cool side of the pillow.

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