The Ultimate
Sneaker-Boot Hybrid

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Slip into comfort with SKYE

SKYE combines the functionality and durability of boots with the style and comfort of sneakers to give you the ultimate
sneaker-boots, offered in two different styles:

  • The Stnley: Combines a traditional hiking boot appearance with the modern simplicity of sneakers to keep your feet dry while embarking on your next adventure.
  • The Pembrtn: Merges the slip-on sneaker style with boot functionality to keep your feet warm, comfortable and prepared to take on any activity.

SKYE Footwear uses eco-friendly materials to hand-sculpt sturdy, lightweight shoes that can endure daily wear, for years to come. The ergonomically-engineered shoes are designed for your whole body, not just your feet. With an unmatched level of quality and performance, the sneaker-boots provide you with a new feeling of comfort, protection, and most importantly, confidence.

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We proudly introduce two new sneaker-boots that can be dressed up for a casual day on the town or dressed down to coordinate with the most casual athletic clothes you own. With a laceless design, you can easily slip the shoe on or off — you never need to tie a knot.

A discrete YKK zipper closure system located on the side of the shoe provides function and style. We blend our modified slip-on system with modern materials to maintain a stylish boot silhouette.


Both styles will bring you a new level of comfort — we believe that feeling amazing starts with where you stand. The sneaker-boots are lighter than most, which makes activities easier and less strenuous on your feet. The boot shell consists of 4-way stretch fabric for an extra comfortable fit.

An optimal contoured cushioning design evenly distributes the weight of your body, relieving the pressure and shock of each step. A sculpted insole provides support on the arch and heel for all-day comfort. Your feet won’t ache when you take your shoes off after a long day.


The new boots are engineered with military-grade Cordura, which is a ballistic fabric that is densely woven to create a high-strength nylon fabric. The tips of the recycled plastic cords are dipped in rubber to prevent fraying ends and to give a limited edition, one-of-a-kind feel.

The sneaker-boots also have TPR mudguard protection on the toe box for extra durability. We combine a unique water flushing pattern that performs well in rainy and snowy conditions with a sawtooth profile to provide excellent grip in all types of weather.


The sneaker-boots are 100% waterproof and snowproof. Not only is the entire shoe welded TPR for weather protection, but it also keeps water out with a waterproof YKK zipper.

The weatherproof materials will also prevent typical shoe odor.


Our footwear is man-made with ethical manufacturing procedures. We strive to make a small carbon footprint to help preserve the environment.

We use materials like recycled plastic and 100% natural, biodegradable rubber to create our shoes. We are also vegan-friendly — we do not use animal by-products.

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