The World’s first convertible, anti-theft bag that fits all of your belongings

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The Most Stylish & Secure Way to Travel

The Secura Destinations bag is jam packed with secure features that allow you to quickly adapt your bag to your travels, and switch up your style at a moment’s notice.

Lightweight, water-repellent and slash-resistant Magnaloft™ fabric panels can be found in crucial compartments, and a DATABLOCK™ RFID-Blocking pocket prevents identity theft — all in two interchangeable styles of an adventure-trekking backpack or a cool, everyday messenger bag.

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Here’s What People Are Saying About The Secura Destinations Bag

Two Styles to Fit All Of Your Belongings

Adapt your bag to your travel needs or switch up your style with the Secura Destinations bag. Not only can this bag store your tablet, phone, wallet, water bottle, and other essentials while keeping them easily accessible (to you and only you), it can even fit your 15” laptop!

Did we mention it has a water-resistant exterior too?

A Full Size Bag with Full Strength Security

Other backpacks use interwoven wire panels, but with Secura Destinations, we use slash-resistant Magnaloft™ fabric panels that give you peace of mind knowing that your bag is secure. It helps that the straps are embedded with stainless steel cables to prevent sneaky slashing pickpockets.

Not only do we use Magnaloft™ fabric panels, but we’ve also included an RFID-protected DATABLOCK™ pocket to protect your personal information from identity thieves who scan RFID chips on credit cards and passports.

Feature-Packed At An Affordable Price

While other bags out there might have a ton of bells and whistles, they come with a higher price tag. Not with this bag. The Secura Destinations bag is jam packed with features, all at an affordable price that keeps you and your budget happy.

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