The First Aromatherapy Showertab Diffuser

Make yourself a priority with mood-enhancing aromatherapy showers


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Eight Mood-Specific Scents Infused with Essential Oils

Scentium Showertabs release scents that are developed by expert fragrance designers and leading aroma scientists.

Infused with natural essential oils, Scentium Showertabs deliver beautiful scents that help you shape your mood in the shower.

Choose from:

  • Energize: Awaken Your Senses
  • Revitalize: Revive and Reboot after Workout
  • Joy: Sing Out Loud
  • Focus: Plan, Prioritize and Set Goals
  • Motivate: Seize the Day
  • De-Stress: Breathe, Relax & Let Go
  • Sleep: Wind Down, Sweet Dreams
  • Calm: Calm Your Mind

Here’s What People Are Saying About Waterloft Scentium

Personalize Your Me-time Showers

Scentium is the world’s first aromatherapy shower tablet diffuser that harnesses the therapeutic and massaging powers of aromatherapy and water to transport your mind and transform your mood. Scentium takes wellness and self-care to the next level to help you make yourself a priority, so you can be your best and give your best.

Scentium Shower tabs come in eight mood-specific scents that turn your everyday showers into personalized, scented wellness retreats.

How Scentium Works

Once you’ve chosen your scent, and placed your Showertab in its cup, simply fill up the water reservoir under the showerhead and replace it. The magnetically activated valve will start the scent diffusion.

Make Yourself a Priority 

With our busy lives, it’s important to carve out some ‘me-time.’ Now you can harness the therapeutic and massaging powers of water and aromatherapy to turn your shower into a personalized retreat to help you be your best and give your best. 

Scentium’s Transitional Design Works in Both Traditional and Contemporary Showers

We’ve designed Scentium to complement most shower decor themes. And, it comes in both chrome and matte nickel finishes. 

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