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ROXs doesn’t track movement,
we create it

ROXs is a screen-free interactive family gaming system that uses technology to encourage active habits. ROXs incorporates elements of imagination and movement with video gaming play patterns to get children and their families running, jumping and playing outside. With ROXs, anything is possible. You can play games in any way your imagination sees fit!

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Here’s What People Are Saying About ROXs

ROXs Pods

The ROXs Pods set comes with three Pods. Tap, shake, hit and balance the Pods, which are equipped with different sensors, sounds and light effects, to play games. Play games like Zoo, Zombie Tag, ROXs Race, Egg Run and Color Score…and many more to come!

ROXs Scanner

The ROXs Scanner set comes with one Scanner and 8 animal PEBBs. The Scanner will prompt children with lights or sounds, like a bear’s growl, and they’ll need to find the PEBB with a picture of a bear on it, run over to the Scanner and scan the PEBB, which is equipped with an RFID sensor. Play games like Duel, Parkour, A-Champs Dash, Beat Me and Story Time.

Mobile App

Within the mobile app, parents and kids can select different games which will be updated each month to keep the fun coming. In the app you can also manage all of the Pod and Scanner devices and set different user profiles for their children. The app is also where you’ll set single player games or group games, and it records each game’s score. For parents, the app provides full transparency into the gameplay of their children.

Unlimited Fun!

Incorporate your Nerf gun to hit targets, or even throw balls at them. With ROXs, there are absolutely no limitations! ROXs even has the ability to grow with your child through the frequent introduction of new games and PEBBs.

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