The best pressurized heated shower with no pumping or batteries.

The Revolutionary Portable Shower

How awesome would it be to clean up at the park or beach and rinse off the kids or dogs before they get in the car? That’s exactly why we created RinseKit, it’s like having a hose to go! RinseKit is the only portable shower to have the pressure of a garden hose without pumping or batteries.

The RinseKit’s patented design simply stores the water pressure from your home for later use. As the water pressure from your hose spigot enters the RinseKit, it compresses the air in the chamber. When you close the valve, that pressure is trapped in the RinseKit and acts like a spring to force the water through the hose and out of the nozzle.

What Makes RinseKit So Unique?

RinseKit conveniently delivers hot, pressurized water anywhere! Learn more below.

Easy To Fill

RinseKit holds two gallons of hot or cold water and fills in 30 seconds or less. It has been designed to not only easily fill, but also drain water quickly. In addition, RinseKit also self-cleans every time you fill it with water.


The RinseKit heating method is safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional portable showers that use propane tanks to heat because it runs off of a rechargeable battery. The water heats up to 95 degrees in less than 30 minutes.


The included sprayer nozzle has seven settings and an included hose that is over 6′ long. The plastic lid detaches and turns into a pad to stand or sit on while cleaning sandy or dirty feet. The lid also has inch markers for measuring fish and can be used as a cutting board. RinseKit has a storage area to keep wet bathing suits, sunscreen and other items for easy access.


RinseKit sprays water with the same pressure as a garden hose and will hold that pressure for one month. It does not require a pump to create this pressure, like other portable showers. RinseKit also does not require any batteries to create the pressure. When filled, the 2-gallon pressure chamber fills with 65 psi of water pressure, which is the standard home pressure, in 20 seconds, and will maintain this pressure for five minutes.


Each RinseKit is BPA Free so it is safe to drink from. There are also no moving parts to break or wear down. As an example, its durable materials withstood an instance when the company parked an SUV on the RinseKit without any damage. The plastic is made from virgin PE and has only two small stainless steel parts so there is no corrosion.

Field Fill Kit and Sink Adaptor

The Field Fill Kit comes with an adapter to provide pressure with a bike pump. This kit is most useful for long camping trips when there is no access to water pressure. The Sink Adaptor allows you to easily fill your RinseKit with water from your sink. This kit is ideal for people who do not have access to hose spigots, such as those in dorms or apartments.