The easiest way to store, sync and share audio recordings

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Unleash your creativity with the simplicity and reliability of Reclouder

Get ready for the next decade of audio recording. Record live music and intensify your videos with amazing sound. Reclouder is the future-ready solution for recording audio outside of your studio!

Reclouder is the fastest and easiest way to capture your live performance and record the high-quality audio with one simple click.

Reclouder Hardware

Reclouder functions as a lossless audio thru-box with a built-in recorder. Simply connect your mic or instrument to the input of Reclouder and wire further using the direct thru connection. That’s it… you’re all set up!

Reclouder fits any set up and is fast and easy to massively reduce stress and time without compromising quality.

Reclouder Mobile App

Finally, you’re in control of recording your music from the palm of your hand!

The Reclouder mobile app allows you to control a potentially endless network of Reclouders easily from the palm of your hand. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the mobile app can control your devices, sessions, sources and user management.

Cloud Service

While you focus on creating music and capturing sound, a cloud session is created. Our cloud service is an ever-evolving environment and built to easily enhance your audio and support the creation process effectively. Reclouder automatically uploads, secures and syncs your multitrack recordings to the cloud with a Wi-Fi connection. Access your recordings anytime, anywhere.

Don’t worry, Reclouder also records instantly on integrated SD and SDHC cards up to 32 GB if that’s your style.

Multitrack Audio Recording & Decentralized Recording Network

Create a decentralized wireless network for multitrack recording by linking multiple Reclouders via Bluetooth, and control your entire network of sound sources or instruments within the mobile app. 

Never worry about a complex multitrack recording setup again. Reclouder fits in any setup. 

Pro-Grade Preamp and Hard Outer Shell

Reclouder’s pro-grade preamp is compatible with the best mics, instruments and cameras for high-quality recordings, no matter the venue. Reclouder allows you to do your thing on stage without having to worry about damaging your recording device. The minimalistic design and hard, sturdy outer shell will discreetly record while keeping your audio safe too.

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