ProSteer: Full steering control, handheld

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ProSteer is the world’s first analog, handheld steering controller that gives you highly accurate, unmatched steering control.

Utilizing Boxed Arc technology and Multi Single Axis Control, ProSteer is a 3-in-1 controller that provides mechanical steering with centralizing torque and haptic feedback. Whether on a PC or Android device, ProSteer completely perfects your steering accuracy, scope of control, overall gaming precision and more.

We know you need serious control to beat your competitors. This is the only way to win — every time.

Patent-pending Boxed Arc Technology

ProSteer is moved through 80 degrees of turn, which creates an arc. This boxed arc action creates a virtual central axel that your hands rotate around. Analog potentiometers read every minute change in the angle, providing maximum accuracy and control.

This patent-pending technology replicates the path of a small steering wheel.

Patent-pending Multi Single Axis Control

MSAC is what makes ProSteer a genuine 3-in-1 game controller with the ability to switch modes at any time.


  • Analog steering via articulation. Never again will you lose control because of twitchy, unrealistic thumb stick steering.
  • Rapid Strafe aiming via articulation. Now, you can have the best control and most rapid targeting out there in first person shooter and Battle Royale games. This mode also brings gameplay advantages for other massive genres such as MMO and MOBA.
  • Standard 13 button/2 analog stick gamepad with no use of the articulation. This is the most basic mode for basic games. Enjoy some laid-back fun like Sports Party or Mario Kart. Who are we kidding? We’ll still get competitive.

80-degree Authentic, Mechanical Steering

Enjoy the winning control of analog steering without the need for a large, expensive racing wheel.

ProSteer successfully achieves analog steering with no fixed point. Centralizing torque and haptic feedback provide for the most realistic, authentic steering experience with maximum touch and control!


Haptic Feedback

This technology supplies a personal touch by applying vibrations to your hands during specific actions. Running on rough terrain, crashing a car and shooting an automatic rifle are just a few of these instances.


Inboard Gear Shifters & 35-degree Triggers

Inboard gear shifters are designed with the highest level of precision in mind. This feature allows you to shift gears with ease and without much movement.

Not to mention, the fully analog triggers will make you feel like you’re actually pushing the brake pedal in Grand Theft Auto, driving your Dewbauchee Vagne. The longer the trigger pull, the more realistic the throttle and braking is, all thanks to 35 degrees of linear draw.

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