Transform your child’s screen time into learning time with Plugo

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So, what is Plugo?

Plugo is an immersive, educational AR gaming system that unifies both tactile and digital gameplay. Channeling the creativity and curiosity of a child, Plugo enhances the intelligence of your child’s mind, making them ready for the future.

Whether it’s mathematics, logical reasoning, vocabulary or comprehension, your child is actively learning and growing with Plugo, one game at a time.

Plugo is compatible with all iPads (except the first generation iPad), iPhone 6 and newer, and Android devices with front camera and 2GB+ RAM.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Plugo


First, place your iPad, iPhone, or Android Tablet on the base gamepad that is used for gameplay. Then, connect an interchangeable sub-game kit to the other end of the gamepad. …And voilá, your child is ready to learn and play! With learning in its core and gaming at its outer shell, your child is learning and growing with Plugo every step of the way.


Swim through sharks or fly in space with Plugo Steer, a funky-futuristic steering wheel designed for navigating and maneuvering across land, air and space. Plugo Steer warrants unlimited fun and learning through quizzes, treasure hunts, missions and adventures while enhancing your child’s lateral and directional sensibilities, vocabulary & ‘sensus communis.’


Conceptualized for swift, linear movement, our joystick-and-button-combo game kit includes quiz and logical reasoning-based games. Children can better understand between left and right and navigate accordingly. Quest also offers an ambidextrous response through simultaneous coordination of two physical controllers.


Solving mathematical questions never looked this fun—Plugo Count will make your child fall in love with problem solving, especially when they involve numbers and algebra! Intertwined with story-play and fun challenges, not just mathematics, comprehension is also integrated with all Plugo Count games.


With magnetic hexagon building blocks, your child’s mental abilities will be put to test with puzzles and constructional challenges embedded in different Plugo Link games. With Link, children learn dexterity, balancing mechanics, spatial reasoning and creative construction.

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