Cut like a pair of jeans, feels like a chino

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You don’t need another pair of pants… you need a better one.

Perk 2.0 Chinos are the most comfortable and toughest-wearing chino out there with a hint of added stretch, so even if you do some splits, they won’t. They’re slim tailored with plenty of room to get your hands in your pockets.

Added binding keeps things inside, so go on, do a couple of backflips at the next company barbecue. Cotton-wrapped threads make them durable enough to wear often and, trust us, you’ll want to.

With 27 unique sizes, Perk’s 2.0 Chinos will give you the perfect fit you’ve been searching for while offering unbelievable stretch and unmatched softness for an elevated wearing experience.

Comfortable material

Perk 2.0 Chinos are made with 99% ultra-soft cotton twill making them more breathable than denim. We completed the pants with 1% spandex — this tiny touch of stretchy spandex fits right into the knit to give you the perfect amount of flexibility, making them very light and breathable.

Our pants are made from authentic materials — free from chemically-added silver and high-tech fibers that typically fade out in about 10 washes and are harmful to your skin and to the environment.

Perfect fit

They’re just the right amount of slim. But our secret lies with the signature curved waistband — a fit upgrade that curves naturally to your mid-section. So they’re cut like a pair of jeans but feel like a chino.

But to make the fit truly next-level, we’re giving you over 27 sizes to choose from. To help find yours, we’ve developed a state of the art FitFinder™ that uses data from millions of 3D body scans. It’s a custom-made pair of pants made by your very own digital tailor.

Stylish and functional design

With slim tapered legs, you can sport a classic chino look or you can fashionably roll up the pant legs.

They come with only the pockets you need and nothing more: 2 deep front pockets, 1 front mini pocket, and 2 rear button pockets, allowing you to hold your everyday items more securely without compromising style or comfort.


Durable construction

Perk 2.0 Chinos are constructed with a durable, mid-weight fabric. They feature double-knit stitching and cotton wrapped threads — so even if you feel like doing some splits, your chinos won’t.

Give our pants a go for 100 days, and if you’re not walking on cloud nine, we’ll take them back — no questions asked. That’s our 100-day try-on guarantee. We’ll even repair or replace any defect outside of normal wear — for life.


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