The future of foot therapy

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Upgrade your at-home pedicure. 

Meet our 100% solar-charged electrical device that leaves your feet feeling soft and smooth!

PediCurve Solar removes hard skin and calluses from the feet using patented PediGlass Discs. Because it is charged with solar power, there’s no need for batteries, cords, wires or adapters.

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PediGlass Discs

Our patented PediGlass Discs are easy to use and healthy for your skin.

Use the rough PediGlass Disc to remove hard skin and calluses from your feet without uncomfortable scrubbing or added heat and friction. Follow with the smooth PediGlass Disc to leave your skin feeling and looking fresh and radiant. 

Solar-powered Charging

PediCurve Solar features solar-powered charging, which means no batteries, cords, wires or adapters.

It can be recharged anywhere, any time, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

High-quality Danish Design

Our beautifully crafted design is sleek, easy to use, and comfortable to work with.

PediCurve Solar is long-lasting, sustainable and durable, too. The PediGlass Discs are designed to last for years, so you won’t need to replace parts after just a few uses.

If something does happen to you PediCurve Solar, we are offering a one-year warranty for the wearing down of or breakage of the PediGlass Disc.


PediCurve Solar must be used on wet skin, making it the perfect addition to your shower or bath routine.

You can also use PediCurve Solar to smooth your hands over the sink or in the shower.

Welcome to the pedicure of the future.

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