Cute, expandable shoes for swollen feet

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Shoes That Are Uniquely You

Shoe shopping is supposed to be a fun activity for women to do together, however some women who experience edema as a symptom of other conditions (such as diabetes, arthritis, treatment of cancer or circulatory and vascular conditions) can find it to be a discouraging and strenuous journey. Everyone deserves to have shoes that fit, and Pandere makes sure that every woman feels confident and comfortable in their shoes. Pandere shoes encompass comfort, style, and expandability all in a pair of shoes that fit to you. With our three-dimensional expansion (in all the right places), cute style, and accommodating fit, Pandere shoes make shoe shopping enjoyable again. Say goodbye to your slipper wearing days and say hello stylish, comfortable relief.

Why Pandere is the Talk of the Town

Your Stride Just Got More Stylish

A Three-dimensional Fit

Typical expandable footwear allows for wiggle room in only one to two areas of the shoe, whereas Pandere shoes offer expandability in three areas of the shoe. Customize your comfort in the toebox, midfoot, and even the ankle and heel to reach ultimate levels of comfort- these shoes expand up to 1.5 shoe sizes! Some days our feet just aren’t the same size, and now you have the ability to expand each shoe to fit each unique foot.

Cute and Adjustable

Most expandable and comfortable shoes are unattractive and resemble something that we might find in our grandma’s closet. Pandere shoes come in a variety of colors and designs to fit different styles, personalities and occasions. If there’s one thing women know, it’s that no one wants to wear slippers to a boardroom meeting or out on a date.

Designed with Comfort in Mind

Made out of stretchy leather and neoprene, the stretchable fabric and material in Pandere shoes accommodate feet of all shapes and sizes. Pandere shoes adjust to your feet instead of your feet adjusting to footwear that constricts both your feet and your individual style.

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