Capture every moment of your
adventure in first-person 4K 360°.

Underwater. On land. Up in the sky. Anywhere.

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Creating incredibly immersive 360° videos and images is now as easy as wearing a pair of sunglasses!

ORBI Marine’s software automatically records, stitches and edits your expeditions (on land or in the water) in rich 4K resolution. Experience life to the fullest, while our software takes care of the rest.

Let your family, friends and followers feel what you felt by sharing your adventures with them in seconds. You can even connect your smartwatch to these waterproof video recording glasses for the ultimate enhanced experience and effortless control.

Hands-free 360° Recording

For those of us who want to record our adventures from all angles without the hassle of bringing along extra mounts and equipment, ORBI Marine glasses record entirely hands-free. Simply wear your ORBI Marine glasses and continue exploring while capturing your favorite memories and ultimate experiences from a 360° first-person perspective for a moment that is completely yours.

ORBI Marine brings us closer to real-life teleportation by letting your family and friends see what you saw and feel what you felt.


Waterproof Design. All Lifestyles.

While there are thousands of videos captured from surfers and other water sport enthusiasts, they are mostly recorded from a safe distance or using a drone.

Whether you’re surfing, kite surfing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, snowboarding or skiing, ORBI Marine now allows you to record first-person, 360º content to share your full experience from your point of view… whether you’re on land or in the water.

ORBI Marine withstands the elements for the perfect shot, take it anywhere your heart desires.

Smartwatch Compatibility

Launch “Surfing Mode” in our Apple Watch app, and it will track your activity for changes in speed, acceleration, elevation over sea level, rowing intensity, etc. When all of the data suggests you’re going to catch a wave, it will automatically order the glasses to start recording. Once you reach the end of your wave ride, the glasses will go back into “sleep mode” until the next waves comes in to save battery life.

The data from smartwatches can also be used to enhance the editing process, especially when it comes to choosing background music or adding visual effects such as slow-motion or timelapse.


Multi-level Stabilization

Proprietary 3-level stabilization ensures a pleasant viewing experience that is blissfully smooth and creates zero-shake videos.

Automated Editor Powered by AI

Turn ordinary trips into epic adventures with ORBI Marine’s automated editor powered by AI technology, allowing you to easily capture, edit and share. Experience life to the fullest while our software takes care of the rest.


Lightweight and Ergonomic

Whether you’re seeking a new thrill or participating in day-to-day activities, you don’t have time to let your camera weigh you down.

ORBI Marine’s lightweight and ergonomic design allows you the convenience of recording just about anywhere!

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