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A brain-sensing headband clinically proven to strengthen your ability to focus

Improve Focus. Have Fun.

In today’s world, we grow and learn using technology unlike ever before. Instead of fighting it, our team decided to embrace it. We’re introducing a brain-sensing EEG headset that works with fun games to exercise your brain while strengthening your focus and attention through neurofeedback, biofeedback and cognitive training exercises.

See what your brain is truly capable of accomplishing with NeuroPlus.

Train, Improve, & Have Fun

Take a look at what makes NeuroPlus the most unique way to have fun while strengthening your focus and attention skills.

3-in-1 Brain Training System

For both kids and adults, NeuroPlus goes beyond simple brain-training games with a device that provides feedback on brain-activity and body movement. By combining neurofeedback, biofeedback and impulse control exercises, NeuroPlus helps strengthen your focus and concentration skills in a way never before possible. It’s as simple as putting on the wireless headset and choosing from a variety of fun training games available on your iOS or Android device.

One Size Fits All

The NeuroPlus headset is designed with flexible materials and adjustable bands to ensure a comfortable fit for everyone. This is the first EEG headset designed specifically to fit the heads of children as young as 5.

Unique & Accurate Sensor Location

NeuroPlus is one of the first consumer-friendly EEG headsets with a sensor located at the top of the head (Cz).  Research shows this is among the best locations to record EEG signals associated with attention and has far less interference from muscle activity. NeuroPlus sensors are able to measure your brain activity (EEG), as well as your muscle tension (EMG) and body movement. The combination of these sensors make it easier to filter out noise that often makes EEG recording unreliable, or lets users “cheat” the system. With NeuroPlus, the only way to improve and win is to sit still, ignore distractions and pay attention. Your boss and teachers will thank us later!

Brain-Powered Games

Your brain is like a muscle that you can train and strengthen over time. We recognize that workouts are much more enjoyable when they’re fun, which is why we created training games that are challenging and fun to play. Using the NeuroPlus EEG headset, you’ll use your brainwaves to make things happen in the games, while keeping still and relaxed to avoid penalties. Don’t worry about getting tired of the same old games; we have three games available and will be releasing new ones every six months, all available at no additional cost to you.

Make Progress & See Results

NeuroPlus is clinically proven to improve focus and self-control. In order to maximize progress, we recommend playing NeuroPlus for at least 20 minutes per day, three days per week. The NeuroPlus games includes daily assessments, so you can track your improvement over time on our online dashboard.  Importantly, NeuroPlus adapts to your individual skill level and becomes more difficult as you improve. Like a personal trainer for your brain, NeuroPlus will keep you challenged and motivated to achieve your goals.