Stay hydrated with the world’s first all-in-one water bottle

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MOVEO is your newest hydration solution for all of life’s adventures

This modular water bottle combines all of your favorite features into one.

With time marks to monitor your daily water intake, a built-in fruit diffuser, a wire ball to mix protein shakes, a water cup for personal use (or your pet!), a thermally insulated carrying sleeve to keep your water cold, a pill box for your prescriptions and even a straw filter for clean water anywhere, MOVEO has everything you’ll need for your active agenda.

Time Marks

Track your daily water consumption with MOVEO!

The time marks on the bottle’s body encourage you to reach your water intake goals and stay hydrated.

Fruit Infuser

Hydration can be fun (and delicious) after all!

MOVEO’s fruit infuser makes drinking water a tasteful experience — fill your bottle with fruits and scented herbs, which help your intake of micro-nutrition elements of these fruits and herbs, such as vitamins and antioxidants, throughout the day.

Not to worry — if you prefer to enjoy your water without fruit or herbs, the infuser is easily removable.

Shaker Ball

For those who love making pre-workout drinks or other mixed beverages, MOVEO comes with a surgical-grade shaker ball for you to seamlessly mix your on-the-go drink.

Portable Water Cup

Use the lid’s cap as a water cup to enjoy water drinking while you’re out and about — perfect for kids and pets too!

Tritan Material

MOVEO’s body and lid are both manufactured with Tritan material. This transparent, durable material guarantees high performance through years of use. Not to mention, Tritan is a BPA-free plastic, which helps to reduce waste!

The MOVEO is also dishwasher safe and will not become brittle or crack amidst the high temperatures.

Water Straw Filter

Drink clean water, no matter where you are, with MOVEO.

The straw’s hollow fiber membrane removes almost 100% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne parasites without using chemicals, iodine or batteries. Its activated carbon filter reduces odor and chlorine.

Note: this will be sold separately at an additional cost.

Pill Box

We know that remembering to take your vitamins, prescriptions or supplements can be difficult in the midst of a busy day — this is why we included a pill box (pill wheel) in MOVEO’s make so you can consume your tablets on time, when needed.

Thermally Insulated Carrying Sleeve

This thermally insulated carrying sleeve increases the Tritan’s insulating properties, keeping your water cool for longer.

The sleeve also has water-resistant, zippered pockets for storing your small items like your mobile phone, keys or ID.

There is one long strap, for hanging from your shoulder, and one short strap, for carrying by hand.

Easy-to-carry Shape

MOVEO was innovatively designed in a way that its grip fits all sizes of hands. Its size is also suitable to fit with most bike water clips and in-car cup holders.

This gives you the confidence to carry it while driving, running or participating in outdoor activities, with no added stress.

Spill-proof, Leak-proof Design

Contrary to other water bottles, there is no chance that this lid will pop loose and spill your water. The water sealer on the cap, and the included additional water sealer, are made by food-grade silicone!

Carrying Handle

Carrying your MOVEO is made to be a breeze with its side handle — the BPA-free PP plastic strap that connects the bottle’s lid with the lid’s cap.

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