The professional noise reduction microphone with VERTIGAIN® Technology

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Studio grade audio without the studio price

The MDrill One microphone’s beautiful design and proprietary VERTIGAIN® Technology record unparalleled, broadcast quality audio. The MDrill will consistently record 10% more clearly and accurately than other USB microphones while canceling out any ambient or background noise.

With the MDrill One you can be confident that all of your audio will be conveyed to your audience true to sound with zero lag time. And unlike other mics, the MDrill One doesn’t require extra accessories to eliminate crackling, popping, vibrations, or background noises that affect the integrity of your recording; the mic is simply plug and play.

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MDrill One: The Professional Streaming Microphone

VERTIGAIN® Technology


Thronmax’s proprietary VERTIGAIN® Technology increases recording quality and clarity by 10%. VERTIGAIN® Technology allows sound waves to move vertically through the mic instead of being scattered by the mesh that’s in other microphones. This results in higher performance and better sound.

Noise Reduction

Record broadcast quality sound without having to worry about your microphone picking up ambient background noise. The noise reduction mode ensures that you have zero distractions whether you’re gaming, streaming, or using the MDrill One for business.

Five Recording Modes

Choose between five different recording modes including bidirectional, omnidirectional, cardioid, stereo, and noise reduction without having to buy five different microphones.

Zero Latency

Zero latency means you’ll experience no lag time between when you talk into the mic and the mic records sound. That means hearing yourself in real time, every time.

The MDrill Zero

Love the MDrill One but need something smaller and more refined? The MDrill Zero offers the same professional-grade recording as the MDrill One but smaller in size and in price. Choose from two recording patterns with the MDrill Zero, cardioid and omni-directional, for set-up ease.

Think of the MDrill Zero as your new favorite travel companion, without having to compromise quality.

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