Balance in your practice and balance in your life

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MatPack is an innovative yoga mat carrier that supports spinal balance and alignment.

Do you want to be mindful of your posture and balance before and after your yoga practice? MatPack’s thoughtfully balanced design and adjustable Velcro straps make commuting by foot and bicycle much easier than a traditional yoga mat carrier.

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Adjustable Straps

MatPack’s adjustable straps provide the ultimate comfort and balanced support needed while you’re commuting to and from your yoga practice.

The straps also feature an eyelet and carabiner to attach your keys or a small pouch, so your essentials are always with you.

Keep Your Mat Secure

Velcro straps keep your mat rolled up and prevent slips during your commute.

The straps are also adjustable to fit any size yoga mat!

Phone Holder

MatPack’s elastic phone holder secures to the shoulder strap and safely grips your phone as you travel.

The convenient front shoulder location grants easy access to your phone when you need it.

Choose Your Style

MatPack will be offered in black, navy with reflective silver, and black/white star pattern.

Choose the style that best fits you!

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