Spices Have Never Been This Easy

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End clutter. Make cooking easier and more fun.

Imagine never searching for the right spice again. Imagine never forgetting which spices you have stuffed in the back of your cabinet. MagnetJar does all of this for you and more.

It keeps your spices easily accessible but never in the way by attaching to any magnetic surface. Never settle for half-cooked storage solutions again.

Here’s What People Are Saying About MagnetJar

Grab spices in a second

Every design feature of MagnetJar was crafted to make it easier for you to use spices. Vertical orientation eliminates risk of spills and allows you to use MagnetJar like you’re used to. And it holds 25% more than a standard spice jar, for easier and less frequent refills.

Everything you need in a spice jar

MagnetJar’s dual-flap lid design allows you to sift or pour your spices, so you always use just the right amount. The screw-off lid lets you easily scoop or refill them!

Designed for everyday use

MagnetJar attaches to any steel or magnetic surface with an incredibly tough, double-magnet hold. The innovative grip cover keeps MagnetJar in its place, preventing sliding. And the double-thick walls are impact and fall resistant.

Made for life. Made for you.

MagnetJar is made with a BPA-free, FDA-approved, unbreakable, double thick plastic that is corrosion proof and 50% lighter than a glass jar alternative. It’s time to treat your kitchen. 

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