Exhilarating and refreshing exfoliation for your back

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Exfoliate with Luffoliate

Exfoliating your skin is one of the best ways to remove dirt, trapped oil and dead skin cells, clear clogged pores and help skincare products better penetrate the skin. But what about all of those hard-to-reach spots on your back?

Luffoliate makes cleaning and exfoliating your back effortless. With features that allow you to wash oily pores and exfoliate the dead skin that has built up over years due to neglect, Luffoliate is your hands-free and reach-less solution!

Simply suction the ergonomic board to your shower wall, and allow the organic loofah pad to hug and exfoliate your entire back

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Here’s What People Are Saying About Luffoliate

A Hands-free, Reach-less, Hugging Design

Luffoliate changes the way you wash your back with its hands-free, no-reach design that hugs and fits the contours of your back. Unlike other back loofahs that only allow you to reach a small portion of your back, Luffoliate cleanses and exfoliates your entire back and shoulders, reaching all of those hard-to-clean areas.

Have a shoulder injury, handicap or disability? Luffoliate is great for individuals who are searching for a hands-free solution to prevent strain, pain, and reaching that other loofahs don’t take care of for you.

Simple, Sturdy Installation

No hassle, no problem! Luffoliate easily installs in your shower with four powerful suction cups. The suction cups easily and securely lock the board into place on a tile or glass wall, while the Luffa pad simply Velcros it to the Luffoliate board for a massage-like, exfoliating experience you never knew you needed.

A Fit For Every Back

Luffoliate caters to every exfoliator in your household! It comes in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) to provide a perfect fit for every back. Luffoliate also provides interchangeable, all-natural organic luffa pads that can be easily removed for cleaning or to swap out with another family member’s luffa pad. Needless to say, we’ve got your back!

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