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Guess. Flip. Roll. Repeat.

Make time spent at home fun for everyone with Lucky Flip, a roulette-style game that pits family and friends against each other in a lively challenge of strategy, memory and luck.

This fast-paced party game is easy to learn and play, making it perfect for players at all skill levels and those ages 12 and up. With 2-6 players, you’re ready to start guessing, flipping, and rolling. Lucky Flip challenges your mind and tests your luck while keeping the whole room engaged.

A game of memory

There are 50 total cards in the deck — 20 green and 20 orange numbered cards (1-40), and 10 “Lucky Pot” cards. The cards are shuffled then placed face down. The objective of the game is to earn points by correctly guessing what the top card on the deck will reveal by placing your tokens on the Lucky Flip game board.

Note: Like a game of memory, it is critical to try to remember which cards have already been played!

A game of strategy

Each player is given 7 tokens to start the game with the task of guessing what the top card will reveal once flipped over.

Each round, you have the option of placing a token on one Lucky Color — either orange or green — one Lucky Hat (representing a group of numbers), and one Lucky Pot. If you place a token on a Lucky Pot, you will need to wager 1 token (for the chance to win 10 points) or 2 tokens (for the chance to win 30 points). You can place as many tokens as you’d like on the Number placements on the board.

A game of points

  • Guess the correct color of the top card: one point
  • Guess the correct group of numbers of the top card: two points
  • Guess the correct winning number of the top card: three points per token on the number
  • If you guessed that the card revealed will be a Lucky Pot, you win the points associated (10 or 30). If you guess incorrectly, you lose the tokens you wagered for the rest of the game.

A game of luck

If you guessed the top card’s number, you get to roll the dice. As you roll, you have to shout the color of the dice that you predict will roll the highest number — either ORANGE or GREEN.

If you guess correctly, you will double your total points won for that round! The color dice chosen MUST be higher than the other. If both dice roll the same number, then the player will not be able to double their points for that round. No lost points.

Ready to play?

Repeat the steps listed above until all cards are revealed and removed from the deck. The player with the most points wins the game!

Now, grab 2-6 players, recommended ages 12+, set aside about 25 minutes, and you’re ready to play!  

Now available on Kickstarter