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Cool, fun and affordable

Sit back and relax while your e-bike does the work for you. Like Bike isn’t just an ordinary bike; it packs a powerful motor hidden in the frame of the bike, yet it’s ultra lightweight in its class. Like Bike also easily folds up in three simple steps and has an integrated carrying handle, allowing you to bring the fun and adventure with you wherever you go.

All of life’s best adventures start with Like Bike.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Like Bike

The most superior electric bike

Like Bike is equipped with a 7-speed gear from Shimano, a powerful battery with Panasonic cells (the same Tesla uses!) and a lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum frame that is scratch resistant.

As soon as you begin pedaling, Like Bike’s motor activates and powers your ride. The US version can go up to 20mph (*US version has a thumb throttle included), the EU version can go up to 25km/h, and you select how much assist you want from 5 different levels.

We hid the battery right inside the bike’s frame and even added a USB charger for you, so your devices are always powered up!

Fold up your bike in 3 simple steps

Like Bike folds up in just three simple steps and has an integrated carrying handle, so you can, quite literally, take it anywhere.

Stash your bike at work or take it on the subway because it’s your new commuting best friend. Just think about the traffic you’ll never get stuck in again! And, with its all-terrain tires, you can…do just that…ride on any terrain you want and explore unchartered territories.

Advanced bike computer

Like Bike’s computer has 16 functions: speed, average speed, maximum speed, riding distance, riding time, travel time, total distance, clock, date, stopwatch, temperature, low battery warning, calorie consumption, backlight, select level of assist, and it is also waterproof.

Trust us…there’s no other e-bike on the market that is this superior and this affordable!

Now available on Kickstarter!