The parent utility hoodie for superdads


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Dads — ditch the diaper bag.

Leaving the house with your children can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. With LeMi Hoodie, you’ll be prepared for anything because it’s a diaper bag in hoodie form!

Carefully designed with over 10 pockets and features, you’ll always have diapers, wipes, creams, snacks, bottles and more for your little one. LeMi Hoodie is soft and comfortable, and it’s available in two styles, including a waterproof version to protect you from unpredictable spit-ups and spills.

Simultaneously look good and feel at ease when taking your kids out.

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Minimalistic Hoodie Design

We get it. Most dads do not enjoy carrying a bag around. Dads want to take their kids out without having to bring tons of gear, but sometimes they have no other choice.

Now, you can say goodbye to the days of spending an hour packing up for a quick outing to the grocery store. If you’re THAT dad, this casual hoodie makes carrying your child’s essentials easier and gives you the feeling of security knowing that you’re prepared for anything as it happens. No one will even know what you’re carrying!

Over 10 Pockets and Features

Fit what you want, where you want it, in this hoodie.

LeMi Hoodie’s large pockets secure all your child’s essentials: diapers, wipes, burp cloths, toys, snacks, a changing pad, extra clothes, diaper creams and more! Not to mention, there’s an easy-to-reach cell phone pocket and a hand sanitizer pocket for you.

Antibacterial Binky Holder

Keep your child’s binky clean and ready to use! This antibacterial holder is located on the top of the hoodie, so you’ll be able to find it as soon as your little one starts fussing.

Insulated Bottle Holder

LeMi Hoodie offers a convenient, insulated pocket for your child’s bottle or sippy cup — this keeps their milk or water fresh for when they need it (and in a practical spot for you!)

Two Styles

We get it — children can be messy. Made with hydrophobic, anti-bacterial and anti-odor fabric, this hoodie repels EVERYTHING — from spit-ups to milk spills! Don’t add to your laundry list if you don’t have to.

If you aren’t interested in the waterproof material, our original version is a nice and soft alternative. Not to worry — both are as comfortable as ever!

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