You’re never too far from your pets with this high-tech companion

A Dog’s Best Friend

For centuries, dogs have been accurately named “man’s best friend,” but who hangs out with our furry friends when we’re gone? While technology will never replace the scratches behind the ears or the belly rubs, Laïka is the perfect interactive companion for your pup while you’re away and offers the perfect peace of mind for you. No matter how far away you are from your dog, with Laïka you’ll be able to see, talk and even toss treats to your dog right from your phone.

Say “Hello” to Laïka

Take a look at what makes Laïka the best companion for your furry friend and the perfect piece of technology for pup parents.

Interact From Anywhere

With Laïka, you can take a break from your emails to play with your pup from the office or check on them via your smartphone while you’re at the grocery store. With the ability to control the companion from your phone, Laïka allows you to interact, monitor and even reward your fur child from wherever you are. When you have to run to your next meeting or class, simply set Laïka on self-running mode, and it will do the playing for you while you’re gone!


Most owners would never know if their dog cries, barks or whines the entire day while they are gone. Laïka has the ability to detect barking and notify you through the mobile app, so you can interact with them in real-time and see what’s going on through the integrated HD camera. With Laïka, you can speak to your dogs and reward them by using the treat tosser, which can also be controlled through the app. It’s the perfect way to keep your pup, and your neighbors, happy.

Chew Proof

We know how hard it can be for our dogs to resist chewing on something, especially a new toy they’ve never seen before. With that in mind, we designed Laïka to be incredibly durable in order to withstand the chews and nibbles from dogs both big and small.

Multidirectional Movement

Playing with a toy that only moves back and forth in one direction would get old really fast for any dog (or human). We designed Laïka with multi-directional movement capabilities in order to interact with your dog in a way that’s more natural than just any old robot. With the way Laïka moves and rewards your dog, it will become one of your pup’s new best friends in no time.